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Going to business school would help you advance in that field. It's important to remember that B-Schools see themselves as a means to an end, not an end in themselves. They want students who are ambitious and plan to use business school to get them ahead in their chosen fields. They DO NOT want students who are applying to business school because they want the credential on their record, or because they don't know what they want to do and need more time to figure it out. That being said, B-School is full of those kind of people (who have no idea what they want to do yet), but all of them managed to tell a compelling story on their applications about how business school was the right place for them and how it would help them in their careers.

Try to display initiative and become a leader in an area that interests you. Try to become the head of a club, the captain of a sports team, the editor of a magazine, or the director of a movie. B-schools will look for that kind of engagement and "management" experience. They want to know that you are good at interacting with people, that you have some "leadership" skills, and that you are invested enough in what you do to want to take ownership of it.

Now, about work experience. It used to be the case that very few students came straight from undergrad programs into Business School. Although schools now seem to be admitting more and more students straight out of college, it is still rare and you may find yourself struggling with many parts of the application. Each application asks specific essay questions about "leadership" and personal experience, and the more varied and interesting your responses, the better your essays. Since most undergrad programs are similar, it will therefore be harder for you, as an undergrad, to put the same amount of color and diversity into your application as someone who has been…...

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