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To What Extent Have Starbucks Recent Difficulties Been the Result of Its Inability to Retain Its Level of Differentiation from Other Markets?

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Product differentiation is the degree to which consumers see a particular brand as being different from other brands.

One point is that new competitors have copied what differentiated Starbucks initially in a good atmosphere brought about by free Wi-Fi, comfy seats, newspapers to read, cheerful welcomes and great tunes. This links to 2 of porters 5 forces, firstly threat of new customers, in that it isn’t too difficult to set up a coffee shop, there are very low barriers to entry, and secondly substitute products meaning that customers have the option to swap to very similar competitors. This means that Starbucks lack a competitive nature due to the fact that what they initially differentiated themselves from the market with is now being copied by new entrants to the market, this means that customers will have low brand loyalty, and can easily move to Starbucks competitors who may focus more on the quality of coffee and thus explain why they made a loss of $6.7million for the first time in their 15 year history. However, Starbucks still managed to differentiate from competitors in that they opened Europe’s very first drive through coffee store.

Another factor for Starbucks recent difficulties is the lack of advertising and being solely dependent on word of mouth advertising, this is an issue to Starbucks as they are unable to get their message across as they do not control what one customer says to their peers or family etc. This can be an issue as due to the inability of maintaining quality and consistency of its stores means that the word of mouth advertising may become negative as people have had bad experiences and tell their peers and family to go to other coffee shops that focus more on the quality of coffee such as Café Nero. This has led to recent difficulties for Starbucks in having a $6.7million loss.

Another reason for Starbucks recent struggles…...

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