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The Word Master’s job is to look carefully through the reading and to notice the words and phrases that you do not know or are not sure about. There may be many new words for you, but part of being a good reader means that you know which words you can skip over and return to later, and which words you need to know to understand the reading. Please look carefully for the words that really stand out in the reading. These may be words that are repeated often, words used in an unusual way, or words that are particularly important to the meaning of the story. The Word Master’s job is to choose 3 words (only three!) that s/he thinks are important and necessary to understand the reading and to complete the chart below for each of the three words. Don’t use any Hawaiian or other language words.

Sentence the word is found in. Please underline the vocabulary word | Page number and location | Meaning, as used in the sentence (explain in SIMPLE English) | Usage in sentence (noun, adjective, verb, etc.) and other notes | On the way to school, Kathy and her daughters listen to radio news about Katrina, which has now been upgraded to a Category 1 Hurricane | Page | Raise to a higher standard, in particular improve by adding or replacing components.EX. And an expensive hardware upgrade may not help either | (Verb) | Kathy also calls with her worries about Katrina, but Zeitoun remains unperturbed. His father Mahmoud, a sailor in his youth, always survived. | | Not perturbed or concerned.EX. Lara seems unperturbed by the news | (Adjective) | He is suspicious about the construction of the levees surrounding the city, which he is worried will break. Kathy tries to call her husband but is only able to get through briefly. | | Having or showing a cautious distrust of someone or…...

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