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Traffic and Engineering Department/City of Augusta Georgia

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I work for the City of Augusta which is functional but a dysfunction organization. The City has adopted a Weak mayor and Council manager polices, under the weak mayor council plan, administrative as well as legislative authority is the responsibility of the commission members. The mayor’s power is weak and has no greater authority than those on the commission. Since the city is a statutory which means it has a population of more than a 1000 is also incorporates the Council Manger plan under this form the administrative powers is the responsibility of the City Manager. The manager is directly responsible to the commission and the commission has policy making and legislative authority. The city’s government structure falls under Georgia’s Home Rule for local city governments. When it comes down to appearance the organization appears to be functional but its lack the fundamentals necessary to maintain high moral among employees and to motivate growth in all departments. Many employees see their job as a job not as a career.


Augusta’s Government Structure
In 1996, the City of Augusta and Richmond county consolidated to form one government. The consolidated government consists of the Mayor and the Augusta Commission. The Commission is composed of ten members: eight members are elected by district; two members are elected by “super district”
The Augusta Commission is authorized by Home rule provision of the Constitution of the State of Georgia 1983 to establish planning commissions; provide for the preparation and amendment of overall plans for the orderly growth and development of municipalities and the counties; provide regulation of structures on mapped streets, public building sites, and public open spaces; repeal conflicting laws; and for other purposes.
The city’s daily operations are handled by the City Administrator who…...

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