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Transition from Military to Civilian Life

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Returning to school
Ernest Barthelemy
English Composition I (GSC1235A)

Instructor: Lindsay Harrel

September 10, 2012

Returning to the class room is difficult experience. Although this isn’t the case for everyone, for some it can be quite overwhelming to overcome the obstacles set out in the path to success. My decision to return now at this time of my life., changing old studying and work habits., and Transitioning from Battlefield to classroom., are my set of challenging obstacles. Each of these challenges plays a major role in my road to a college degree. Failure to overcome these obstacles will only make the whole experience that more challenging and pain full, and with the pressure of returning now, pain full isn’t what I need.

First, my decision to return now at this time of my life sets out a challenge. It has been five years since I’ve stepped into a classroom and from what I last remember I wasn’t very good at it back then. The average college freshmen ranges usually from 18-19 years of age, I am 25 returning to college. At my age I have more responsibilities, I’m married, I have a family to support, and a full-time occupation to attend. Unlike the average college student who balances partying and studying, I Balance 40 hours of work per week, a wife at home and the pursuit to maintaining passing grades in college courses. My responsibilities have their share of weight on my chest, but they also motivate me more to not accept failure.

Additionally, changing old studying and work habits is imperative to my success. I remember from my grade school days procrastination poor work habits and lack of effort were the contributing factors to many failed classes and incomplete assignments. Of course back then I didn’t care for putting work ethic and work effort into my school work, I was concerned with completing assignments as soon as possible and go party. These days partying isn’t on my do list, but I still struggle with my work ethic and find it hard to concentrate. In order to change my old habits I’ve taken precautionary steps to counter my procrastination. I have made a schedule that interprets to me when my assignments are due and when to do them. Changing my work ethics, putting forth more effort has helped me improve significantly. Making these changes will and is helping me overcome my challenges.

Finally, the most important reason why my Return to the classroom is going to be a difficult process is Transitioning from Battlefield to classroom. I have been in the military for five years made a couple deployments and now at the end of my contract. With termination right around the corner I have to ensure I can transition smoothly and stress free. A smooth and easy transition allows the service member to move from an active duty military lifestyle to a student status successfully. This means the service member going through the transition is provided all the tools necessary to be successful, applies them effectively and when the transition is final the service member now a student is successful. The lifestyle transition will cause a culture shock and that stress alone is a big enough obstacle to cause failure. Mentally I am ready to transition, whether it will be a successful transition wont be determined until my transition is final. I can say without fail that classroom and battlefield are two completely different worlds. I think if I managed to be successful in one world I am more confident that I will succeed in the student world.

Indeed, while the process and experience of returning to the classroom may be difficult for some that’s not always the case. I have many obstacles to overcome and it will be challenging. Learning to balance daily life with school, successfully transitioning to a student status, and not letting old habits take over again, is my adversities and are also keys to my success.…...

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