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Tuvalu - Sinking

Tuvalu is a collection of nine small islands in the Pacific Ocean, 620 miles north of Fiji. The total land area of all of Tuvalu’s islands is 10.04 square miles. It has a population of about 10,000 people, 4,500 of which live on the capital island, Funafuti. Because the highest point of Tuvalu is under 5 meters, it is very sensitive to climate change, and there is one problem related to climate change that drastically affects Tuvalu: sea-level rising. In 1989, the United Nations stated that Tuvalu would completely disappear under the ocean in the twenty-first century.

Over the years, there have been many clues that Tuvaluan's have picked up telling them that Tuvalu was in danger:
Salt water has flooded the shores and killed coconut palms. Many more areas on the islands are flooding. Groundwater is becoming undrinkable due to salt water seepage. Some Tuvaluan residents have been forced to leave the country because of rising sea levels. Floods now occur every month, when they used to occur only twice a year. In 1997, a small island off the rim of Funafuti atoll completely disappeared under the ocean. And
Because of salt water seeping into the soil, it is getting hard to grow crops.

The nine islands of Tuvalu are facing hard times. The Tuvaluan's land is slowly disappearing into the ocean. They have diminishing water and are having trouble growing food. The problem is, there’s almost no way to help them. There have been treaties in the past that have tried to help Tuvalu, but without success. Global Warming is a serious problem that the world has to face, but maybe somehow we can figure out a better way to help…...

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