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Two Different Lifestyles

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Valerie Mayer
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21 September 21, 2012
Two Different Lifestyles We all have friends who are different. Not everyone can be the same. It’s interesting to see just how some people can be the same and yet so different. They might have the same taste in music, or in clothes. People often misunderstand why some friends hang out together. They might have many of the same qualities and yet be very different from each other. A few of the differences between countries, for example, are a good way to start. Lifestyles in one country are very different from another. In the journal article, “Health Lifestyles in the United States and Canada: Are We Really So Different? “, authors Krueger, Bhaloo, and Rosenau state that one major difference here in the U.S is the smoking age. The U.S smoking age is 18, while Canada’s smoking age is 12. Another lifestyle difference is what the U.S conducted a study where questions on binge drinking were asked every thirty days, whereas in Canada, the question was associated for every twelve. Here in the U.S, our mortality rate among HIV survivors is very high. In Canada, the mortality rate is lower due to the high number of teenagers. These are just a few examples of “friendly” countries with similar, yet huge lifestyle differences. But not all friendships fall into the same category of lifestyles. People tend to view others as having the same personalities because they can not see how two very different people can be friends. For example, in the book titled “Between Friends” by author Debbie Macomber, two very people with tow very different lifestyles cross paths and it doesn’t seem to stop them at all. Lesley, born from high school sweetheart parents lives with five siblings, an alcoholic father, and never enough money meets a friend at college. Jillian, the only child of two very sophisticated parents, has a great deal of money, prestige, and family connections, somehow form a friendship with Lesley, and the two women grow to be life long friends. Even after, divorces, childbearing, and cheating spouses, they still over the years manage to stay in touch, first with writing notes back and forth in school to emailing each other in when they are older. This shows us that not everyone has to be exactly the same in order to be friends with anyone. Another fine example of friends that people wouldn’t consider a relationship is Kate Hudson and Gweneth Paltrow. In the magazine article “My celebrity gal-pal is Goop-tastic.”, Kate expresses that she was known for her gypsy ways, and her pal Gweneth was the one who helped her with grocery shopping, getting a pedi and more. When Kate met her fiancé, Matt Belamy, Gweneth immediately expressed to Kate to find out as much about him as possible. A lot of people say that both Gweneth and Kate are out of touch with reality, but then again what is really reality? Being friends with someone who like the same things as you, doesn’t necessarily mean you agree with everything they say or do. Lifestyles are different with everyone.

I can honestly say that I have friends that don’t have the same lifestyles as me. I am a on the go mom with 3 and a half kids, school, and a full time job and I still find the time to hang out with friends who do not work, who do not have kids, who do not go to school, and who work a totally different job than me. But I like them all the same, for they are who they are. Just because we have different lifestyles, does not seem to matter in the long run.

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Macomber, Debbie, Just Between Friends

McGinnis, Sarah “Kate Hudson: My celebrity gal pal is goop-tastic” Entertainment Magazine Sept 2011…...

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