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Tyranny of the Majority

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Freedom is one of the most vulnerable things in human’s life. Since the beginning of life, mankind has tried to become free. When we look at the dusty pages of history, it is obvious that, roughly all wars and struggles in history stem from passion of freedom. The importance and necessity of freedom is indisputable and M.Roshwald (2000) emphasized the importance of freedom with these words; ‘’Give me liberty, or give me death’’ (p.1). However, in today’s world, freedom is limited by dictators or majorities. J.S.Mill (1859), claims that, majority, which means the most active part of the society, may desire to oppress minorities and precautions are needed against this abuse of power. Mill raised awareness and warned against tyranny of majority. Social tyranny is more formidable than political oppressions, because tyranny of majority limits freedom of thought, prevents social progress, which is the beginning of all corruptions, and it is more difficult to escape and severer to endure than oppressive political regimes.

First of all, majority’s opinions, values and norms determine all society’s values and point of views. Tyranny of majority can manipulates and suppresses minority’s thoughts and opinions. One step further, social tyranny may limit freedom of thought. According to K.Stone (2008), ‘’ Social tyranny penetrates even more deeply into everyday life, into the soul itself’’ (p.1). Starting from this point of view, tyranny of majority has a great power hence; it can manipulate all people thoughts easily and penetrates in all thoughts. Most in demand thoughts and are popular thought which can determined by majority. Stone (2008) clarified that, ‘’ ascendant part of the social structure, the big part of the country generally emanates from the interest of the upper class and determines their sense of superiority’’ (p.2). If anyone in society thought different from…...

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