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Guidelines for UBC Four Year Doctoral Fellowships (4YF)
Table of Contents
A. Guide for 4YF Award Holders
1. Eligibility for Funding
2. Selection of 4YF Recipients
3. Award Notification and Acceptance
4. Award Start Dates
5. Duration of Funding
6. Award Values
7. Payment of Funding
8. Requirement to Apply for Other Funding
9. Progress Reports
10. Interruption and Termination of Funding
11. Transferring between Doctoral Programs
12. Internships
13. Employment
14. Taxation
B. Guide for UBC Graduate Programs
1. Allocation of 4YF places
2. Selecting 4YF Recipients
3. Making 4YF Offers to Students
4. Notifying the Faculty of Graduate Studies of Recipients
5. Re-offering 4YF Places
6. Banking 4YF places
7. Transferring between Doctoral Programs
8. 4YF Reports
9. 4YF Allocation Formula

Last revised 3 October 2012

Page 1

Guide for 4YF Award Holders
1. Eligibility for Funding
a) Four Year Fellowships may be held by PhD, DMA, and MD/PhD students
b) Four Year Fellowships may be held by domestic and international students
c) Four Year Fellowships funding is conditional on the recipient maintaining satisfactory academic progress Back to top

2. Selection of 4YF Recipients
Students become 4YF recipients in one of three ways:
a) Graduate programs select 4YF recipients from among their incoming and continuing PhD, DMA, and MD/PhD students (4YF-G)
b) PhD, DMA, and MD/PhD students who are awarded a Killam Doctoral Scholarship or a Li Tze
Fong Fellowship through the annual Tri-Agency / Affiliated Fellowship competition automatically become 4YF recipients (4YF-U)
c) PhD, DMA, and MD/PhD students who are awarded the following doctoral-level Tri-Agency awards automatically become 4YF recipients: Vanier Scholarships, Doctoral Canada Graduate
Scholarships (CGSD), CIHR Doctoral Research Awards, NSERC Doctoral…...

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