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after completing my competences skills test and the other work shops in the career service questionnaires i believe that with my coping and Strategics skills, ill be able to not only succeed at my career choice but also make a difference and contribute my life experiences to the field as well

i have set high goals for myself when it comes to collage and my career, i am attending the university of phoenix for my degree in psychology . i chose this career path because i believe i can make a difference in the field and change a life or two once i graduate i plan on working with troubled youth and young adults that are in child protective services, group homes and Juvenal dentition centers. i am often asked "why" would i want to work in such environments. my answer has always been the same. i want to work in this field for a couple reason yet the main reason is because i know whats its like, iv been there, in group homes in Juvenal centers from a young age, while i was being moved from one home to the next, when dentition center to the next i slowly developed a set of coping skills that not only help me with my stressful and pressuring times. it has also showed me that no matter what you set your mind to you can do it. as a teen i learned how to express myself in more creative ways such as art and poetry. i was not thought these things by those put in charge to help me recover and learn i learned these on my own because nothing else was working. i sat up many night wondering what i could do to change myself to better myself but to benefit me in other ways i started stargazing how how to do so. first i did research on what types of things could be consider coping skills. i started drawing, writing and playing chess. all of these things gave me the ability to handle high stress and pressure situations and to feel good about myself. having learned these skills i…...

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