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Understand Gis/Gps

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Understand GIS/GPS
Maryalice Anderson
Feb. 29, 2016
Marquette University

Understand GIS/GPS
Geographic Information System (GIS), is defined in our text as “a computer system used to organize, store, analyze, and display geographic information. The Global Positioning System (GPS) is defined in our text as, a navigational tool consisting of a fleet of satellites orbiting Earth, broadcasting digital codes, and a portable receiver that can receive those codes and determine its location” (Dahlman & Renwick, 2015, Chapter 1). GIS has been called a way to learn the geographic reasoning for anything. We can use the GPS system to find any place anywhere on this earth. GPS operates in real-time, 24 hours per day.

Currently consisting of approximately 24 satellites, GPS also uses ground stations to match information and use that information as reference points of a location that is accurate to within a couple of yards. GPS was formally used strictly for the military. Now it is used in and by everything. From the cell phone to automobiles, boats and computers. GIS makes use of computer software to pass along a location on earth. The components or parts that make GIS work consist of three categories. The computer and its software, real time data, and people that are trained to use the information. The data is digitized and has been created by government or commercial operations that they make freely available in most cases. According to "Esri" (2015), GIS benefits organizations of all sizes and in almost every industry. There is a growing interest in and awareness of the economic and strategic value of GIS”.
Research if there are ways to obtain training on applying GIS/GPS in your specific career field. Would you find these types of trainings helpful? Why or why not? I am sure there are many reputable companies like Esri as mentioned in the previous paragraph. Reputable classes are offered through According to their website, they build ArcGIS, which is considered one of the most powerful mapping software in the world. My particular field does not warrant my using GIS or GPS. I am sure they would be helpful to some students. I just have no use for them at this time or in the near future. My reasons being I am learning for the sheer joy of knowing something I did not know. I am currently disabled and the learning process seemed as good a thing as anything else did to do with my life. Changes that trigger other changes, such as natural disasters. How can GIS/GPS be applied to track the changes and help us understand potential threats like global warming, recurring events, or natural disasters within your perspective career field and/or regional areas. Liu (2011), “A case study in Australia is used to demonstrate use of this tool. (GIS) This shows selecting suitable genotypes of wheat is a key adaptation strategy to mitigate the impacts of climate change on wheat cropping. It shows that spring wheat genotypes will become predominate, while the winter genotypes will only be viable in clearly defined areas where sufficient days of cool temperature exist for completion of vernalisation (inducing a plant to flower) in a future warmer climate”. The tool referenced is one developed using GIS to look at the impact of climate change on agriculture and the aptitude to calculate approaches on ways to adjust.

The world of today has amassed new technology. Decades ago the terms GPS and GIS were things talked about in secret government rooms or discussed by the people designing new programs for IBM. 50 years ago, we humans were entering a new aspect of measuring and mapping this planet. Governments decided to share with the public what they discovered through mapping and computer programming. A great piece of luck for us. Now we can get lost, find ourselves and figure out how all at the same time. Through the ability of GIS we can determine whether and when to plant our crops. GPS can locate the misplaced auto in a parking lot by clicking on a button on our well-equipped cell phones. We are living in a geographical world of wonders. The computers, satellites and those people smart enough to use them all at the same time, make every day a marvel to enjoy. References Dahlman, C. T., & Renwick, D. (2015). Introduction to Geography: People, Places, & Environment (6th ed.). Retrieved from The Marquette University eBook Collection database.. Esri. (2015). Retrieved from

Liu, D.L. (2011). Emerald Insight. Emerald Group Publishing Limited. Retrieved from…...

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