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Hereditary-Environment correlations relates to the concept that individuals’ genes influence the types of environments to which they are exposed. Sandra Scarr described three different kinds of ways that they correlate.

Understanding Check One

In general, hereditary and environment have a lot of different sides to it and opinions. The relationship between the two is only mutual interaction. The hereditary part will set the growth factors from genes and the environment part will set an extended amount of genetic potential within society. One psychologist, Sandra Scarr, has sent her own point of view with the subject of hereditary and environment with three different points of passive, evocative, and active.

The passive perspective deals with the individual’s genes and surroundings of environment that are correlated with one another (Salkind, 2004). This occurs when the biological parents created a child and provide a nurture environment to their genetically related child (Santrock, 2011). They also provide a rear bearing for the child with in their own environment. An example of this from my parents is the need to want me to be intelligent and successfully read. My parents provided me with books to read and to learn enjoy reading. In return to getting me to read skillfully, I, the child, effectively became an exceptional reader. This was both due to both of my parents and their inherited predispositions and their very own environmental encouragements (Black Hawk College, 2012). Another example of the passive genotype-environment correlation is my heavily sport inclined parents. They have always been very involved in playing, participating are enjoying professional sports. My dad has coached while my mom just participated in watching him. Since my parents are very into sports, my sister and I are into sports. As a sport-oriented family, we always go to events together such as football or baseball. We even all like going bowling together and getting very competitive. With this correlation being said, my sister and I’s kids will most likely be into sports too since we will provide an environment of sports for our kids. Then the chain will continue on and be passed on due to the passive correlation.

The evocative perception evoke different individual responses that relate to that certain individuals own characteristics (Salkind, 2004). This genotype-environment correlation corporates with a child’s certain types of physical and social environments. In this case, a child’s penchant to elicit certain stimulation from the environment that supports a specific trait will then conjure environmental backing (Santrock, 2011). An example I have experienced from my own genetic makeup is being active. When I or anyone smiles, I will receive more social stimulation than passive quiet individuals. Also, athletic children will tend and want to take in encouragement to engage into the sports going on (Black Hawk College, 2012). In other words, an individual that is in a good, happy mood will vibe off others and the others surrounding will become in a good mood. This can happen the other way to with individuals in a bad mood. It is a response passed around. This evocative-environment correlation is very popular in any environment. Whether it is co-workers at work, students, or children, the mood or responses from others vibe off everyone in the surrounding and everyone’s mood or response can become mutual. This can be amongst everyone in the surrounding environment.

The active genotype shows that individuals will actively choose and select an environment that relates to their own interests (Salkind, 2004). This correlation is also called niche-picking. The term niche-picking is related to “finding a setting that is suited to one’s abilities” (Santrock, 2011). It occurs when people can seek out different places and environments that they like, find well-suited, and motivating. Children’s selection of their surrounding environments are based off how they respond to it, not having anything to do with, or like to learn about. For an example, for my own genetic makeup, I always searched for a good place that I can successfully perform my musical skills. I played music for some time and I always felt musically inclined to select different musical environments whether it was a stage, band room, bedroom, outside, or some good acoustic areas such as bathrooms, they have great sound barriers! Another example is when I was younger; I was very shy so I did put myself in social activities or situations. It made me more comfortable, compatible, and stimulating. Whereas social children put themselves in social situations with finding other interactive crowds. They would be class clowns in class, the troublemakers, or the ones with many friends. This correlation is all about making one self-comfortable we do not put ourselves in awkward or obstinate situations. It is what a specific individual does best feeling the most relaxed, calm, contented, and easy.

Anyone can relate to Sandra Scarr’s theory of hereditary-environment correlations. The passive, evocative, and active correlations create who individuals are. People have their own experiences and own genetic makeup, it makes it who people are. Human beings take different active roles in life to create environments that suits their very own interests. This only reflects their own personal differences.


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