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Understanding Our Patient Educational Needs

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Understanding Standing Our Patient Educational Needs
When Cultural Diversity Meets Healthcare
Excelsior College Health Science
Author Note
This paper was prepared for HSC434: Health Literacy Issues and Solutions September 28, 2014, taught by Professor Linda Rozell-Shannon.
Improving provider-patient communication to overcome cultural diversity, healthcare literacy, and improve quality healthcare for all patients. Through good communication, understanding and positive feedback. Dialogue communication is like a two-way street given and taken of information to help improve provider-patient relationship, services and knowledge.
Keywords: Cultural diversity, Healthcare literacy, Communication
Understanding Standing Our Patient Educational Needs
When Cultural Diversity Meets Healthcare

Cross Walk
My patient is a 22-year-old Vietnamese female named Khanh Ly 9 months pregnant with her first child. Khanh Ly is new to our country and unable to speak or understand the English language her husband is an oversea oilfield worker currently working out of state. Patient currently has no family or friends to help guide her. Khanh Ly is coming to the clinic for a checkup after having sharp pains throughout the night. Not knowing anyone in the city, she picked the first clinic in the phone book.
Khanh Ly enters the clinic and welcomed by Nurses Mary. Mary is the clinics nurse educator.

Mary: Hello, My name is Mary your Nurse Educator, (Point to name badge, while escorting Khanh Ly to examine room for privacy) Type on smart pad to translate to Khanh Ly native language. Introduce the smart pad to Khanh Ly. Discover patient’s educational level and ability to learn. (Assessment)
Khanh Ly: I have used one in the past.
Mary: Khanh Ly J May I call you by your first name.
Khanh Ly: Yes, that will be fine
Mary: Just so, I might be mindful of and respect your cultural beliefs, would you mind identifying what language you speak and understand? This will help determine if the patient understand or speaks English, or if any member of the household does.
Khanh Ly: I speak Vietnamese and my husband speaks English and Vietnamese very well. I am trying to learn his language. Just very hard.
Mary: Is your husband at home and do you mind if we contact him.
Khanh Ly: (Tears in her eyes) “No, he is away with is work. He will not be back for few days.”
Mary: OK, How are you feeling today? “You seem to be having some pain’ Can you express your pain on a scale of 0 – 10, ten being the worst pain you ever had and zero no pain.
Khanh Ly: I am about a three right now, “do you think the baby will come before my husband gets back”
Mary: I cannot say right now; “the doctor will be in to examine you in a few minutes, she will be able to give you more information”. Can you tell me a little bit more about your pain? Where is the pain located, how long the pain last, and when you first started have pain.
Khanh Ly: I am mostly having pain in my lower back, it’s like you say sharp, like someone stabbing me in my back, it last just a few seconds and goes away, do you think my baby is ok.
Mary: “You should know that your reactions are entirely normal under the circumstances” Ok, When did you first start have pain.
Khanh Ly: Last night around 10:00 pm after I went to bed. When my husband called, he suggested I find a doctor. We just moved hear a week ago.
Mary: “I am pleased that you selected our clinic.”
Mary: have you been to see a provider before you moved?
Khanh Ly: Yes, up until we moved. You don’t think anything is wrong do you?
Mary: Most people in your situation would react the same way. I can tell that this is upsetting for you. What Worries you most about your pregnancy?
Khanh Ly: My husband is so far away, and my mother does not fly in until in the morning.
Mary: I am sorry that you have to go through this alone.
Mary: Khanh Ly; is it all right, if we contact your previous provider and retain a copy of your medical records.
Khanh Ly: I guess that will be ok.
Mary: Thank you the information will help us complete your medical record, and provide our physician with your past medical history.
Mary: Khanh Ly, What is your cultural background and believe? Are there any special cultural rituals that we need to consider, review, or provide, please include diet, celebrations of religious marriage and death that you feel I should know?
Khanh Ly: I would prefer female doctors, and we eat hot foods after birth; believing this promotes healing and helps prevent infection, I will not be taking a bath while in the hospital, or washing my hair until I become an active member of the household again. A local nurse will come regularly to clean the baby’s navel and provide genital cleansing for me to help promote healing. Using an herbal alcohol solution, as water is not used to bath. One other thing is we do not like others to give praise to the newborn; this could invite the attention of demon and ghosts. In addition, the baby’s health will not be good; he/she will cry much. If my baby cries, a lot I may make an amulet from seven chunks of mulberry and a needle to make a amulet and put it inside the baby’s pillow. Belief, the amulet is to dismiss ghost and make the baby sleep. Customs (Lundberg, 2011)
Mary: We will do are best to include your wishes in your plan of care. Do you have any questions for me?
Khanh Ly: No, No
Mary: If you do not mind, I will go get the doctor now.
Khanh Ly: (shyly answers) Yes, that will be ok. I do feel better now.
Mary: I will be back in five minutes.

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