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Understanding "The Banking Concept of Education"

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Understanding “The Banking Concept of Education”

People learn by different methods of teaching: visual, auditory or tactile. A visual learner favors reading or pictures, an auditory prefers listening and a tactile person learns by a hands on approach. (The Learning Styles) In Freire’s excerpt “The Banking Concept of Education”, he describes how the relationship between students and teachers suffer from narration sickness (Freire). Freire explains in today’s modern education the teacher has become the depositors of information and the students are the bank receiving the information. This essay will explain the meaning of Freire’s excerpt and provide an understanding of his two concepts of education, banking and problem posing. Although auditory is a method of learning, Freire argued how education today is more focused on memorization rather than a two-way street of communication. In order for a car to run, it needs a tank full of gasoline; this same theory can apply to Freire’s theory of “The Banking Concept of Education”. He describes how students have been turned into “containers” to be “filled” by the teacher (Freire). This was evident while attending the Non-Commissioned Officer’s Academy in February 2008. During the 5 week Professional Military Education course, the instructors stood at the front of the classroom the students were exposed to what we termed, “death by PowerPoint”. Each day was filled with instructor narration of material that culminated with an exam at the end of the course. There was not a lot of interaction between the instructor and students which limited understanding the information presented. The students were expected to memorize the material instead of learning how to apply the information upon completion. Freire also implied teachers “fill the students with the contents of his narration-contents which are detached…...

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