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With my understanding of the video, “The Food Label and You,” the 5/20 rule is basically a set of guidelines to follow to allow the proper nutrients into your body. This rule helps individuals compare different foods to see which the healthier alternative is. Any foods that are less than five percent of daily value, or DV, is considered to be unhealthy. Foods with a low DV include saturated fat, cholesterol, and also total fat. Foods with a higher daily value are healthy to intake at the right proportions. These foods offer more nutrients to our bodies as they include fiber, vitamins, iron, and calcium. My family is big on Nutella. I know its an alternative to peanut butter, and assumed it was healthy until of course I read the label earlier. Nutella has only four grams of protein and one gram of fiber, both of which fall under the daily value suggestion of staying above five percent. However, iron, Vitamin A & C, and calcium make up for the lack of nutrition in the previous areas although I am not sure if it counts as being healthy in general. Looking at various nutritional facts about food I regularly eat made me realize I do not always make the best choices in my eating habits. Reading these labels is important because they inform us of what we are putting into out bodies, and can help us choose something that is similar but is healthier. I know that people who diet are constantly looking at the labels on their food to see how many calories it may have or just too simply check the daily value. This is a good way to keep track of your calorie, fat, and protein intake. I also noticed that many fast food restaurants such as McDonald’s now includes nutritional facts on their burgers and fries. Each Nutritional Food label gives us six labels that can help us understand the labels better. These include: the serving size, calories, nutrients, fat, cholesterol, and…...

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