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Unit 10 Assignment 1: Examine Real-World Implementations of Security Standards and Compliance Laws

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CIPA stands for The Children's Internet Protection Act. It is a bill that was signed into law in December 2000, and was to be constitutional by the United States Supreme Court in June 2003. It requires schools K-12 and libraries to have internet filters to protect children from harmful online content that blocks access to “visual depictions” on the Internet that are obscene, child pornography or harmful to minors. Meaning any picture, image, graphic image file, or other visual depiction that has been taken as a whole and with respect to minors, appeals to an excessive interest in nudity, sex, or excretion; depicts, describes, or represents, in a patently offensive way with respect to what is suitable for minors, an actual or simulated sexual act or sexual contact, actual or simulated normal or perverted sexual acts, or a lewd exhibition of the genitals; and taken as a whole, lacks serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value as to minors. The law also states that a school or library may disable the technology protection measures concerned, during use by an adult, to enable access for bona fide research or other lawful purpose. Public Schools and Public Libraries must comply with CIPA to be able to take advantage of E-rating discounts for telecommunication resources and LSTA grants for various programs.

The act has several requirements for institutions to meet before they can receive government funds. Libraries and schools must provide reasonable public notice and hold at least one public hearing or meeting to address the proposed Internet safety policy. The meeting must address the purpose for this policy such as, actions to restrict a minor’s access to inappropriate or harmful materials on the Internet. Make sure security and…...

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