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The Teams Overall Effectiveness

We had three main objectives for the event; build the profile of the charity, raise as much money as possible for the charity and to run a successful event. I think we managed to do all three of those objectives because we managed to raise £1038 from the Quiz Night and the feedback we got from the event was positive. The guests praised our attitude, the food, and our behaviour during the event. However the only two complaints they had were the heating in the hall and the difficulty of the questions.

During the actual event everyone was given jobs to do and I think we all did them to a good standard. I was a kind of host as I did a presentation in the beginning of the event and gave people information as to why we were doing the event. Mitchell and Bradley were in charge of selling and organising the raffle and silent auction which they did brilliantly. Sandie and Danielle sorted all of the fish and chips and set them out on the tables in the canteen in the different teams.

Before the event, the set up was done very quickly. We all took tables up to the hall and measured the correct distance between the walls and all the tables and chairs. I placed all the bits of paper and place names etc. on the tables so it all looked nice. Then we set up the instruments for the band and prepared the presentation so everything would flow smoothly.

I think I performed well on the quiz evening, I thought I contributed a lot in the evening and did a lot of jobs and helped other people as well. I was nervous about doing the presentation on my own at the beginning of the event but once I got into the flow of doing it and saw that the guests were listening to me I wasn’t as nervous. After I had done the presentation I walked around the hall and made sure that everyone was okay and that they were enjoying themselves. Also, Sandie, Danielle…...

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