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Unit 5 P2

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It is important that you read the guidance notes before completing this application form. Please complete this form fully using black ink or type. C.V.s are not accepted. Applications received after the closing date will not normally be considered.

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...P2 - Complete a career plan identifying their development needs Personal SWOT Analysis Strengths What qualifications do you have?I have business study’s and it. What work experience do you have?I have worked at dominos.What skills do you have?I can work in team, creativity idea, hard worker.What are the positive aspects of your personality?I am hard worker.What motivates you?I try to motivate myself by think If I don’t get that I will lose everything. | WeaknessesAre there any gaps in your qualifications?No there is no gapAre there any gaps in your knowledge?No there is no gapAre there any gaps in your experience?Yes if worked only for month sins then I am no workingDo you have any financial difficulties?No I do not have any difficultiesWhat are the weak parts of your personality?I have lack of patienceWhat circumstances make you feel frustrated/unhappy?When I am under pressure I make me feel frustrated. | OpportunitiesAre there any job vacancies available to you?No I am still Appling for the job.Are there any gaps in the market you could exploit?Yes there is gap in market for me.Are there any scholarships/University places available to you No I am still waiting. | ThreatsDo you have any potential financial problems?No I do not have any problemsDo you face competition for places?Sometime I doCould your skills become out of date?Yes they could | ADD YOUR CV ALSO Personal Statement: I am currently studying BTEC Level 3 Business Studies and BTEC Level 2 ICT at Alec Reed......

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