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Unit 8 Assignment: 1 Written Reflection on Our Interview

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Unit 8 Assignment:1 Written Reflection on Our Interview

After conducting my interview, I can say that I walked away from this experience with many a lesson learned. The first lesson that I learned was that after choosing a person to interview, then asking that person, most will jump on the defensive and ask “about what”. This is due to the fact that most people are usually pressed for time. They initially want to know how long this process will take without ever stopping to realize that the length of most interviews is dependent upon how long it takes for the interviewee to answer the questions that are asked.
Another reason is because most will be curious about the nature of the interview, meaning what questions will be asked. This response I received tells me that people in general do not like discussing certain subjects. Some of these subjects include race, religion, and politics. These two topics are considered to be in the “No Go Zone” of interviews based entirely on their nature to insight the greatest of arguments. Another lesson I learned while conducting my interview is that most people have never been interviewed in the first place. This fact will show when the person being interviewed starts to give one word answers to questions asked. This actually happened though I informed the person that the purpose for the interview I was conducting was to gain a better insight on the subject! Lastly, I learned that when conducting the interview process you will find yourself doing about as much talking as the person answering the questions. This will happen due to a misunderstanding of the question, one word answers, shyness, or, the person may just be too uncomfortable answering the question in general. All in all, I would say that my experience during this assignment taught me that I have no phobias or fears when it…...

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