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Unit 3. Assignment 1. Network Topology Paper

Hierarchical Star - When implementing a hierarchical, all computers are connected to a single, centrally located point. This central point is usually a hub of servers and switches located in the main equipment room and interconnected through the main cross- connection. All cabling used in a hierarchical star topology is run from the equipment outlets back to this central location.

Bus Topology - The is the simplest network topology. Also known as a , in this topology all computers are connected to a contiguous cable or a cable joined together to make it contiguous. The signal in a bus topology travels to both ends of the cable. To keep the signal from bouncing back and forth along the cable, both ends of the cable in a bus topology must be terminated. A component called a , essentially nothing more than a resistor, is placed on both ends of the copper ( coax) cable. The terminator absorbs the signal and keeps it from ringing, which is also known as overshoot or resonance; this is referred to as. If either terminator is removed or if the cable is cut anywhere along its length, all computers on the bus will fail to communicate.

Ring Topology - A requires that all computers be connected in a contiguous circle. The ring has no ends or hub. Each computer in the ring receives signals ( data) from its neighbor, repeats the signal, and passes it along to the next node in the ring. Because the signal has to pass through each computer on the ring, a single node or cable failure can take the entire ring down. A true ring topology is a pain in the neck to install cable for because the circular nature of the ring makes it difficult to expand a ring over a large physical area.

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