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Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

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Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
(wikipedia, 2014)
(bachman, 2013)
An unmanned aerial vehicle is also referred as a drone. They come in many sizes and styles. A personal drone can be purchased for as low as $100. The Military version is Millions. A drone can be controlled without a human aboard. It’s controlled by onboard computer or remote controls. The operator can be thousand miles away. The drone is used in many ways, such as the Military for special operations and firefighting. Drone can go into places that we wouldn’t want to place a human. Drone is no longer just for the military. Smaller companies are using the drone for surveying power lines to helping firefighter and offshore oil discovery.

The FAA has granted six testing areas for the drone. This is a major step towards Drones sharing airspace with commercial airlines. Texas A&M is studding the weather patterns off of Padre Island National Seashore. Another winner out of the 25 groups who applied was Virginia Polytechnic who is studding safely landing if the drone losses connections with the pilot. The FAA is interested in the safety operations and the uses of airspace. (Jansen, 2013) “These test sites will give us valuable information about how best to ensure the safe introduction of this advance technology into our nation’s skies,” Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx said.
In the future I see drone being used to deliver pizza’s to inspecting roads. This will make over thousand jobs in the US. No longer will pot holes have to be called in to the state office after a snow storm. Inspecting the failing bridges would be safer for man. One wouldn’t have to be harness and go thousands feet in the area to inspected the cracks.
No longer will a sick person have to leave the house to get medications. This will be delivered by a drone. Who knows maybe instead of going into the…...

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