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Uop Week 1 Ethics

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The Unreflective Thinker You will have to figure out what you are going to have to move or get thought in order to move forward. And they also think they are thinking just fine and they don’t see a issue with their thinking kind of like be closed minded.

The Challenged Thinker I try fixing the problems in my thinking I will only consult myself in changing my way of thinking, willingness to fix the issue with their thinking their selves, knowing there is issue to overcome.
The Beginning Thinker I need to practice regularly in my thinking Sometimes I do not remember to think critically all the time, and at times you will not be secure enough to get to the next stage of thinking but also you will reason with yourself about your thinking.
The Practicing Thinker The more practice I have with thinking, the more I’m going to be able to move to the next stage but not without having some failures and not without beating myself up over it if you are willing to move on you will practice not be so selfish and trust your mind.

The Advanced Thinker I become more comfortable with thinking I am not able to familiarize myself enough because of how much I have practiced with the concepts, also I have found that I can reason with myself and make a sound thought without being clouded by bias feelings, its like you have an out of body thought and it helps you go in the right direction.

The Master Thinker Thinking about every situation, with a even mind body and soul, with every thought I make, you will also reason with yourself always and have almost no practice at this point but to be mindful of your path you make and if you go to the wrong way and than you will have to go back the practice stages and start all over. But it would be a easy road if you are here…...

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