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Vague Perception of the so-Called "Love"

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Vague Perception of the so-called “LOVE”
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Some were afraid to fall in it; some were waiting for it until the right time comes; and, others were very pleased if their companion is true in it. I was given the responsibility to make them have this kind of feeling yet I did not know what it is—Love. As I wandered the humid street of an alley, I was also marveling each desire of the individuals I am encountering with. They do not see me yet I see them. I wondered how these individuals weren’t given the kind of duty like mine. We have the same features and physical distinctiveness yet I find it hard to think why it is not.

Is it because of the fact that I was floating and they were not?

My arrows didn’t lessen any of its numbers so I decided to dart some of it onto each pairs I wanted; a male and a female. It did not do any ache for it aimed their deepest desires towards the feeling they wanted most—love. I resided on one of the inn’s rooftops, sit on its chimney and watched each of them meet their mate without any reason inside their minds while they had felt the same way.

Is this what they call love?

Blackness kissed the moon when I made up my mind to move out from my position. I went to a certain residence and glanced into one of its window.

There is HE.

It had been my routine to come into his apartment once I nearly finished my task. The reason is that…

I do not know why.

He was writing a certain journal of what he wanted and I was taken aback by the inscription that says he was waiting for his love to come. I looked at his inner desires and wasn’t surprised since I knew it’s the same as his written message. I checked my carrier. There were two arrows remaining. I must do this since I was chosen to do it. I got my second to the last arrow and directed it towards him. It stroked his inner longing and from that,…...

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