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This document will detail the retail environment and distribution strategy for the brand
Valentino. The purpose of this document is to integrate to Valentino’s overview with primary researches that were conducted in the London market, in particular the perception of the brand from the Staff point of view, and the customer’s point of view, conducted through an online survey.
This allowed to come up with a complete analysis of the brand in the retail environment as well as evaluation based on the findings. The report includes a general brand overview, competitor analysis and a swot analysis.
Next the customer profile has been analyzed: the customer has been created based on primary researches. The marketing mix shows how Valentino operates through place, promotion, price and products; all the strategies that Valentino uses were created to ensure the brand message is always clear and consistent in all means of communications. Valentino resulted to be a consistent brand in all his channels.


2.2. Identity

Valentino’s identity is generally defined as elegant, feminine and luxurious. What emerged from primary research is that Valentino is mostly recognized for its Italian craftsmanship and high quality, its timeless products that are characterized by chic and sensual details.
The brand’s main symbol is the deep red color it is associated with, also called Red


3.1. Customer Profile

Valentino is predominately female focused, indeed the main customer profile is identified as a women who earns a huge amount of money or is genuinely rich and aristocratic. The brand’s target market is vast with its Ready-to-wear line targeting customers between
25-35 years old. The presence of different product ranges, such as fragrances and jewelry, gives Valentino the chance to…...

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