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Risk and Quality Management
Jamaica Benton
August 13, 2012
Matt Dennis

Risk and Quality Management
According to Valley Healthcare System (2012), “Valley Healthcare System formerly known as Community Health Center of South Columbus opened its doors August 1994. This name change is reflective of the growth in Valley Healthcare and the services that they provide to the community. Valley healthcare began as a small service within the Baker Village community of the South Columbus area” (p.1). Today, Valley Healthcare provide medical, dental, out-reach services, and pharmacy services to residents from the Chattahoochee Valley region and beyond. Valley Healthcare goal is to provide comprehensive primary healthcare, selected specialties and referral services to the population of the Chattahoochee Valley area regardless of circumstances. The ECRI Institute (2010) website, “The Patient Quality and Risk Management Program supports Valley Healthcare System philosophy that patient quality and risk management is everyone’s responsibility. Teamwork and participation among management, providers, volunteers, and staff are essential for an efficient and effective patient quality and risk management program” (p.3.). * Patient safety * Patient quality * Risk management is a policy that is enforced by Valley Healthcare to ensure that all patients are protected and free from hazardous conditions; medical errors; disclosure of privacy; infections and etc. All staff are properly trained and educated on risk management procedures twice a year. Valley Healthcare System is committed to providing safety to all patients. * Quality management is a policy that is enforced by Valley Healthcare System. Valley Healthcare System has a an outstanding team of health care professionals and support personal that delivers accessible, affordable cost effective, prompt customer responsive service to all patients , regardless of race; ethnic or financial status. * The key concept of risk and quality management at Valley Healthcare System is: teamwork; continuous improvement; keep cost at a minimum and most important, always meet the needs of the patients. When it comes to risk and quality management, the needs of the patients always comes first. If all stall follow the correct procedures of the risk and quality management polices the needs of patient can be met by keeping cost down while still improving the organization. * Steps that Valley Healthcare System may take to identify and manage their risks: a. Continuous training- continuous training allows the staff to be trained on a regular basis so that he or she will not forget the proper policies and procedures of the organization. b. Feedback- feedback from patients gives the organization or ways to improve * Internal factors that may influence quality outcomes at Valley Healthcare System are: a. Timeliness- may affect the organization negatively because a patient may be ill and cannot get an appointment in a timely manner. This may cost the organization a patient and money. b. Patient satisfactory- a patient may come into the organization with a health issue and after services are rendered, the patient may not feel satisfied with the health care services provided by the dentist; physician etc. c. Healthcare cost- the patient insurance may not cover all of the healthcare services the patient’s needs. If services have already been provided for the patient before the physician is notified, this leaves an unpaid bill that the organization has to take care of. * External factors that may influence quality outcomes at Valley Healthcare System are: a. Family life- a staff member may have problems at home that will influence his or her productivity at work. Staff member may not be able to provide quality care to the patient. b. High expectations- staff member may feel stressed out and overwhelmed by the assignments he or she is assigned to do. * Long/ Short-term goals for Valley Healthcare System
Long term a. Utilize a team of outstanding professionals b. Keep cost effective c. Have prompt customer service
Short term a. Build customer and quality focused teams b. Workforce development c. Enhance employee recruitment and retention * The relationship between risk management and quality management at Valley Healthcare System is complimented by each other. Reducing the risk of medical errors; infection control and privacy issues helps the organization provide the best quality care to all patients while ensuring quality of life for patients. * Three fundamental risks and quality management policies that should be implemented by Valley Healthcare System: a. Continuous monitoring- allows physicians to keep patients informed about their illness before the illness worsens b. Reasonable appointment times- allows patients to get meds; examinations and etc., in a timely manner. c. Resources for patients- allows patient to have a better understanding of his or her illness.

ECRI Institute. (2010). Sample Risk Management Plan for a Community Health Center. Retrieved frohttp://bphc.hrsagov/ftcal/riskmamagement/riskmgmtplan.pdf
Valley Healthcare System. (2012). About VHS. Retrieved from…...

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