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Since I was a child, I was always amazed by the world around me. I was always curious about how our world developed to this level. I was very eager to learn how sophisticated things work; I needed many answers for hard questions, or they were hard at some stage of my life. Now I have some answers to some questions, but I found out the more I answer questions, more questions are emerging to me.
My educational goal is to find those answers. I hope by gaining knowledge from a decent place, I could do something new to this world. Maybe when I get old, another kid comes after me and thinks about the things I might do.
My father brought us here because he knew Iraq was a war zone area, and he wanted to keep us as safe as he could, but I did not see it that way. I knew if I stayed in Iraq, I would not be able to be a professional engineer, and my study would not bring the result I’m thinking of. I might get rich in my country, but without contributing anything to world. Here, I actually can do something that will change my life, and the way I think because I know the educational standards are high here.
I’m working so hard to be able to catch with the university, but the time we left Iraq, it was never the same. It would be impossible for me to be in a well financial position that the university required. I’m thinking about my future all the time, I’m putting all the possibilities that could help me to get into a good university, but all what I have now will not help me to achieve my dreams. I’m already working, but that barely enough for my living. I really in a bad need for this Scholarship. I hope you give a chance to prove myself as a worthy student who can have bright future because it would be unfortunate if my story ends here.
Thank you very much for your understanding and your hard working to help people. Sorry for taking from your time.…...

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