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“Many words cut more than swords”, "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will always hurt me", are simple sayings that have been repeated over many generations of children. They originated to aid one individual in the ability to say something back to another individual that is slinging mean remarks. What they convey is not necessarily the truth. The reality is that words really do hurt. They may not leave a visible bruise, but they definitely leave a mark on our sense of well-being, sometimes a permanent scar. Words are a very powerful force that can have very powerful effects. Many people underestimate the power of their words as well as how they affect others or even themselves. Whether the words that are said come out negative or positive in meaning, each one has an effect that is equivalent to it. Sometimes words are meant to instill fear of a child and encourage an improvement. Some words are meant as a compliment and used to build confidence. It is important to be impeccable with the words we choose, albeit positive or negative, the effects can be profound.
Words that are positive or negative remain with us in our sub-conscious and become pictures of what we hold ourselves to be. Words can be perceived differently than the original intent of the person speaking those words. If a boss says to an employee, let’s say his name is Jeff, that the new employee is doing a far better job than Jeff is and the new person is not making any of the mistakes Jeff ever made. The boss's intent is to motivate Jeff that he needs to work harder to keep up with the new employee and not look bad. As a result of the negative remarks from the boss, Jeff was not encouraged to improve, but ended up having hurt feelings and a lower self-esteem. The desired effect was not obtained. The boss could have conveyed the same message by using words that are more positive.

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