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Water - Life and Beyond

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Business corporations consider taking on global privatization of water for the well being and greater good of the people. However, the track record of publicly funded private water projects shows that the private sector doesn’t find it profitable to invest in the infrastructure really needed to ensure that communities have access to clean and affordable water. Water companies have found that their niche is seeking efficiency solutions through hiking prices and cutting spending on infrastructure investment.

Corporations don’t have a social or development mission. The cumulative grave effects of privatizing water as a global commodity are appalling. The underprivileged and poor people pay 5 to 10 times more for water than those living in high-income areas of those same cities. This kind of unfairness and inequity is obscene. Women in places in Africa where privatized water is beyond their limit walk miles to obtain dirty water from rivers and then too often die along with their children from contamination and disease. Asian farmers are losing their livelihoods if they are unable to receive state funded irrigation. The human suffering caused globally by wealthy private corporations from North America and Europe exploiting people from Third World nations for pure profit is nothing less than pure psychopathic evil.

We need to ensure access to water for everyone, while also encouraging people to value it as a finite resource. Water should be regulated responsibly with regard to pricing, competition and the environment, while keeping it attractive for firms and investors. We need to foster innovation and ensure that promising tools for water supply are made available on a global scale.

Clean and affordable water is the basis of life. Skyrocketing water prices, unsafe supply, failing infrastructure are the challenges of water supply. This is why public…...

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