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Ways of Remembering Things You'Ve Forgotten

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Ways of Remembering Things You've Forgotten

Personally, when I want to remember things I have forgotten, I put myself into a relaxed light trance, "space out" for a moment and think to myself "I am remembering" until what I want to know comes back to me easily. I wanted to jump into this article with an example of what I do when I lose or forget anything. It is so simple that I would be cheating you if I did not tell you about it in the first part of the article. The relaxed light trance can be done at any time really, once you know how to do it and it is second nature. The thing is, though, you must fully let it go and let yourself forget, to remember what you wanted to remember. At first, it seems like a hard process, but as you make it a habit, it is easy to get away from the problem, relax and find the solution.

The most important way to remember something you have forgotten is that removing yourself temporarily and completely from your problem until the answer comes to you. Because, being nervous never does any good or benefit to you. In fact, all you are is nervous and excited, that is it. Problems are never solved in this state, if anything they become worse in every way.

The kind of light trance I am talking about is not a "Svengali stereotype" thing, anyone can do this at any time, especially when in the heat of an activity such as running or strenuous work, because you can become so in concentration that answers you want just come to you powerfully especially when your deeper mind is receptive and ready for the answers or solutions.

Sometimes, the most powerful thing you can do is relax and forget about it. Because, you are so nervous, that, even if you know what you are doing, you will do it wrong somehow because of that nervousness. Be calm, be patient, understanding and tolerant of all situations, and all will be added really, even if it does…...

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