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Your assignment is to create and post a new web site for this class. You will need Kompozer or any other software to create a website on your desktop computer and then publish it to the public Web. You can find detailed requirements and instructions later. When you are done with the assignment, submit the URL of the completed web page through the Submission text box below.
Your web site must contain, at the very least, the following:
· A homepage called index.html.
· A second web page that contains some kind of substantive content (approximately half a page to a page) of your choice.
The index page should have:
1. a title (which is visible at the top of the web browser when your page is viewed),
2. some kind of greeting or heading (for instance, ‘Welcome to my home on the Web’, or ‘Greetings from Pat’s Virtual World’),
3. at least one paragraph of content (text),
4. at least one image file,
5. at least one link to outside content, and
6. a hyperlink that links to your content page (e.g. your second webpage described below).
7. the phrase "nyuinfotech2013" somewhere on the site.
What you put on the second page is completely up to you. It could be a personal history, a tribute to your favorite band, a description of your favorite place in New York, an analysis of the main revenue streams for the national economy of Tuvalu, or anything else along these lines.
While we actively encourage you to devote some time to adding interesting content, this is not required. If you do all of the things above, you will get full credit for the assignment. If you follow the directions and pay attention to what is said in class, this assignment should not take long.
· Feel free to create as many other pages as you want.
**When you are finished creating your webpage, and you have confirmed that it works like you expected it to, you can "submit" the URL to…...

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