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We Googled You

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An analysis of the Case

“We Googled You”
Submitted to: Prof Madhusri Shrivastava Submitted by: Abhishek Rungta Roll No: 2013PGPUAE002

In partial fulfilment of the requirements of the Written Analysis and Communication (WAC) course April 1, 2014

Memo of Transmittal

1-Apr-2014 Prof. Madhushri Shrivastava IIM Indore India Sub: Submission of WAC report on the case ‘We Googled You’ Dear Madam, As per your instructions, I have prepared a detailed analysis report on the situation faced by Fred Westen. I suggest that Fred should not hire Mimi for the company’s China operations. Instead, he should hire Mimi for another position in USA. The following pages present a detailed analysis of the situation and available options and their evaluation, recommendation and action steps to be followed.

Yours sincerely, Abhishek Rungta PGPUAE: 2013-15 IIM Indore (Dubai Campus) U.A.E.

Executive Summary
Fred Westen was contacted by his old roommate John Brewster to consider his daughter Mimi for Fred’s company’s decision to expand into China. When Fred forwarded Mimi’s profile to Virginia, she did a normal Google search on her. The search revealed Mimi’s involvement in protests that included China’s treatment against a dissident journalist. Based on these findings, Fred is in a dilemma whether to hire Mimi for China operations. He has to take into account various factors like the success of expansion plans, both company’s and his personal reputation. Considering various evaluation criteria and options, I suggest Fred should not hire Mimi for the expansion plan in China. But given her credentials, he should hire her for a position in USA.

Table of Contents
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Situation Analysis ............................................................................................................................ 5 Problem Statement…...

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