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“The child is father to the man” –HORACE MANN
The fact that a person may have a weakness may build up much insecurity to start breeding wickedness because they are missing that strength inside of them. It may break them or make them feel angry towards a person that shows success in life. Especially, if it’s in the area, in which the person, can’t strengthen their weakness. In my teaching, this semester with my internship I had a fire brigade silent an alarm without doing the proper procedures in which she should had made a perimeter check of the building. Before she had acknowledged the alarm before making sure, there was any problem. I had to approach her about this situation due to the fact I’m the fire safety director of the building. Her excuse was that she didn’t understand the training, but she knew that button would be silent the system so that the fire department wouldn’t come. If the fire department had come on the premises, she would have to explain to them the cause in which she had little knowledge of what to do. So with that said, you build a child strong he will be good. I wasn’t producing enough knowledge to her to do well. Her wickedness came from weakness in not knowing proper procedures in which she could think of cost someone their life.
I truly believe this quote a lot of bad things happen in life because of people weakness. If we could find a way to build our children to be strong and not to have a bad soul in their body, they would be good. Someone could just see you doing good and want to harm you because they can't do it.…...

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