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Web Developer Web developers are a knowledge-based job you don’t necessarily need a college degree to purse this career. Anyone can see that web developers are a good field to get into considering all of the websites that are all over the internet. They say this job is projected to have a growth of over 22% and is considered one of the highest IT jobs in demand (Best Jobs in IT and Engineering). One major skill is to have excellent people skills there are a lot of clientele and team environments (web developer, 2007).
Common knowledge is that almost every employer, no matter what field or job description, look for soft skills. Soft skills are considered; good communication skills, the ability to work well with a team or with others, having self- confidence, trustworthy, dependable to name a few. Also almost every job looks for a candidate with a diploma or equivalent to that like a G.E.D whereas big company’s look for a higher education like a bachelors or bigger a masters or PHD. According to Los Angeles Web Design they break it down into 10 different characteristics when choosing a candidate to design their website; Experience, development skillset, website portfolio, references, location, strategy, flexibility, education, and personality (Atak Interactive).
To be a web designer for a company like for an example, Selectron Technologies, they are looking for someone team oriented with three or more years of experience who can work with web based software and graphics design. Education wise they want someone with at least their bachelor’s degree. It all depends on where and what type of work you want to do or are experienced to do Some of their required skills include; a creative and elegant sense of design, detail oriented, strong organizational skills to name a few. A big desired skill of theirs is someone comfortable with HTML, CSS & JavaScript. Their job entails being able to show self-initiative, creative thinking and as to handle team projects and in good time. (Technologies)
My experience in web design started in high school, in order for me to sharpen my skills and to refresh my memory is by finishing school and if need be go back for my bachelor’s to get a job of my dreams in web development/design. Knowing that this job is booming and is in high demand gives me high hopes to becoming a web designer myself and making my dream a reality.…...

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