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Week 4 Exercises

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Week Four Exercises
The assigned exercises for week four of Business Research (BUS642) at Ashford University are as follows: Terms in Review, 1-4, on page 204 and answering questions 1-3 over the case study: Ramada Demonstrates its Personal Best.
Terms in Review, #1-4, p 204
1. Compare the advantages and disadvantages of the survey to those of observation. Each method has its own set of advantages. Surveys allow the researcher to use the largest possible sample sizes while at the same time making the data quantifiable and easily sorted. Survey results are more reliable than personal observations and therefore are less biased when the survey questions are worded and asked correctly. Surveys are time consuming for both the participant and the researcher. It may be difficult to find a time that is convenient for both parties. Surveys also seek to answer specific questions whereas observation may be taken to mean any number of things and the data may be used in a random and haphazard manner.
By using observation, the researcher is able to carry out research without interfering with the subject’s daily life and activities. Observation is also able to be carried out in an unobtrusive manner that allows the researcher to gather the needed information without having to ask a lengthy series of questions. Observation is quicker and less expensive than conducting research. Observation is conducted in the subject’s natural environment allowing for a true representation of action without excess subject/participant reactivity to the situation. Observation also allows for more in-depth observation of body language. Observation doesn’t allow information about the past to be gathered.
Under which circumstances could you make a case for using observation? Observation can be useful in situations where the researcher is dealing with children, the elderly (with some type of…...

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