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Nowadays, big corporations, organizations have their own set of policies towards manners to customers. These are, basically, in forms of written documents demonstrating codes, guidance in order to decide right way of response. A precise example can be written rules by McDonalds requiring and inspiring their employees to have reliability, eagerness, and confidence in service staff. However, majority of emotion rules are unwritten rules. Emotion rules also have a relation with culture. An example can be meeting of two managers who share different cultures. So, by their own society social norms they behave in a right way, however this way of manner can be offensive for the other one. In spite of these cultural differences, the core meaning image of feeling rules do not change. The application of feeling rules are widespread and obvious when clients are not satisfied with any particular reason. Predominantly, the worker should be able to keep calm and should be polite to the client despite the customer may be impolite, annoying. And it is what we call a way of controlling him/herself, overcoming difficult and negative situations. According to Ashforth and Humprey, there are 10 dimensions of feeling rules including reliability, truthfulness, understandability etc. And these change according to the situation, depending on the behavior of customers. Depending on the service sectors the degree of using these rules change. Some industries require using more, some do less.
Overall, we can conclude that emotional behavior is one of the most crucial and fundamental issues that big organizations and companies should obey its rules. “Feeling rules” are set of rules to analyze and understand emotional labour. Emotional labour has two types which are surface and deep acting. Clients expect from companies good service according to 10 dimensions. Emotional labour is very…...

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