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Distillation of Water
Distilled water is water that has had many of its impurities removed through distillation. Distillation involves boiling the water and then condensing the steam into a clean container. Distilled water finds its use in a wide range of applications where the natural dissolved salts that water normally contains are not desirable. Some of these are topping up lead acid batteries, preparing aseptic solutions in hospitals, automotive cooling systems, steam irons, etc. Distilled water is not however, considered to be suitable for human consumption on a regular basis simply because it lacks the natural beneficial minerals that ordinary drinking water contains.
Required materials:
Rubber cork / tubing
Bunsen burner
Tripod stand
Stand with clamp
Basin filled with sand
Impure (muddy) water
Distilling flask with thermometer
Liebig’s condenser with stand
Step-By-Step Procedure
1. Pour the muddy water into the distilling flask.
2. Use the stand to hold the flask in place, supported by the tripod stand.
3. Place the burner below this.
4. Connect the pout of the distilling flask to one end of the Liebig’s condenser.
5. Position the Liebig’s condenser using its stand so that it slopes downward slightly; its pout (other end) must open directly above the beaker.
6. Bring the muddy water to a boil and collect the condensed liquid for observation.
* Place the distilling flask in a sand basin before heating it – this will prevent vigorous boiling and damage thereof to the apparatus. * Use the thermometer to monitor the temperature of the boiling liquid. * The Liebig’s condenser is an integral part of the simple distillation process – it consists of two concentric layers of glass of which the outer layer has air vents that facilitate the cooling of the inner glass tube. This in turn allows condensation of vapors to take place within it.
The benefit or importance of distilled water
It is the purest form of water because it contains nothing. It will hydrate and replenish the body that is 60 to 70 % water. The distilled water that travels through your body will absorb the inorganic minerals that has built up in your joints and organs through out the years and will flush them out of your body. And you will feel lighter, healthier and will have more energy. Distilled water is 99% free from impurities also promotes weight loss, sharpens mental performance, improves oxygen delivery, improve immune function, reduces stress anxiety and depression and etc.…...

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