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What Causes Users to Take on an Avatar

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What causes internet users to take on an Avatar

An avatar is a representation of one's self online. When utilizing the world wide web many persons choose to use an avatar instead of presenting their authentic selves. They are often used in online video games and on various sites that require some sort of user representation. There are many reasons for using avatars, these range from security and privacy to insecurity and a medium of escape. Avatars are a means of expression for some people, They allow for users to portray themselves the way they view or in some cases would like to view themselves. Avatars are often given a bad name and in some cases are frowned upon. Some argue that they are a misrepresentation of self and are a dangerous deception to others who assume the avatar to be a true representation of its user. Avatars act as front line security especially in the online gaming world. They make it safe for people to interact with each other with minimal risk of security breeches. It can be argued that the use avatars are not a full proof protection plan from online predators but they help is masking true identity. This, however, can be a double edged sword since the identities of other users are masked as well. When it comes the privacy avatars play a vital role, especially for younger internet users. As Sherry Turkle pointed out younger internet users are willing to share personal information online with no safeguards. With the use of avatars there is a lesser chance for invasion of privacy, these users are able to participate in online games and forums using made up names and avatars that represent their personality more so than their true self. There are many persons who would are not out spoken, and may not be very confident in themselves. Avatars come in very handy for theses people, It allows them to interact with others without putting…...

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