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What Do People Gain to Much Weight?

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Oramis Alonso
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ESOL 0354
October 26, 2015
Why Do People Gain Too Much Weight?
Why, even when many people try to imitate the perfect figures of stars on televisions shows, is most of people still overweight? This physical problem which affects children, teenagers and adults instead of decreasing is increasing year by year. I have been living in the United States (US) for three years and I have noticed a lot of fat people. Because I had not seen many fat people in my native country, Cuba, I want to know what causes Americans become overweight. Some of the most important reasons I found doing my search which contribute to why people gain much weight are: stress, drinking alcohol and not exercising.
Stress -the way the body responds to any kind of demand or situations- leads people to eat more than they usually do. First, scientists have demonstrated that stress is related to lifestyle. It is not a secret that daily life moves quickly, as a consequence, people tend to have bad eating habits. In my personal experience as a student of Houston Community College (HCC), and an employee I have been affected by this problem, too. I usually do not have much free time, so I eat junk food for breakfast and lunch which has caused me to gain weight. Financial problem is another reason which causes stress and is related to lifestyle. Currently, the global economy is unstable, that means the economy is going down or up surprisingly. Many people waste money on things that they do not really need, as a result, those who waste their money suffer stress when they have to pay their bills and they cannot. As a result, people gain weight because they fall into depression which makes them eat junk food. Second, in life, people go through some situations of great importance that affect them significantly causing stress. One of those situations is a divorce…...

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