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What I Learned in Boating School Is

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What I Learned from Psychology to be non-judgmental. Being in the Navy, I feel that I developed the ability to be open-minded very early on in my career. This is because the military recruits people from all over the country, from the ghetto to the country club. I deal with all walks of life (race, religion, gender) on a daily basis. What I do not get to see in the Navy is people with mental disabilities and disorders. This course has taught me that approximately half of the populations of the United States have experienced or are experiencing some type of psychiatric disorder (Gerrig & Zimbardo, 2010). The average person looks down on someone with any type of disability. They usually label them as deviant when their disorder allows them to commit a crime. What people don’t understand is that some of these people cannot control what they are doing. The only way for them to satisfy an urge is to do what they are thinking about. An example of this would be a serial killer. Serial killers usually have an internal motive for killing repeatedly, whereas a murderer usually commits one crime for a very specific reason. Serial killers need to satisfy some urge, and they do that through killing. However, not all people that have unquenchable urges resort to killing. Even serial killers may stop killing by turning to some other form of “entertainment” as a substitute. A deviant person or someone with a disorder is usually just a normal as you and I. Sometimes, people with disorders have......

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...Through this course I acquired the knowledge to use in different approaches when dealing with a company internationally. I now have a perspective of the international network, and the challenges in the international environment. My first perspective is the component parts of an international company, and understanding internally how it all comes together. Now I see why it helps to identify the company’s strengths and weaknesses, prioritize the company’s tasks to solve them in the right order and synchronize efforts to move in the same direction. We covered subjects such as globalization, differences in cultures, the strategy of international business, and the organization of international business, global human resource management and global marketing. This knowledge is important because it gives me an understanding of how to utilize the knowledge behind a product, and bring inside knowledge to everyone on the team I create. I see how it’s not the physical product itself that makes an impact on the market, but how you utilize the knowledge behind the product such as the services and culture. The real value of knowledge is not the product but how to use everything to create a competitive advantage anywhere. A company has many different units, and sometimes they are not all aligned to the same. By looking more closely at challenges, when dealing with forming the strategy to implementing the strategy, I am now able to identify the misunderstandings between the decided......

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...Last school holiday, my family and I went back to our hometown, the eagerly-awaited holidays bring a respite from homework, lessons, extracurricular activities and exams. For me, spending a holiday at home is equally unbearable. 0n the last day of school, I eagerly waited for the bell to ring at 1:10 p.m.. Then, I felt like a caged bird hat has just been set free. I slang my bag over my shoulder and make a beeline for the bust station. My hometown! We started our journey early in the morning. When we arrived, we had a quick lunch. I make a short exchange and headed for my favourite spot here- a secluded corner of my grandfather durian orchards. There under a shady spot, I sat down a surveyed the surroundings. Here, far away from claustrophobic classrooms, rushing crowds, busy sidewalks and congested streets, I enjoyed the solitude of nature. As I took my seat on a flimsy woody bench, and looked around me, I can see a flurry of activities. Birds flew gracefully and noiselessly above me while bees traveled flirtatiously from tree to tree, colourful butterflies flit about here and there flapping their fragile wings and ants scurry in a single file carrying bits of food on their tiny backs. A soft cool breeze blowed. I can hear the soft rustle of leaves. The air is heavy with the scent of shrubs and grasses coupled with the scent of ripe durians. I lied on my back with my hand clasped behind my head and watched streaks of......

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...time for the lessons I learned along the way. Now, I may not be the smartest, best looking, most athletic, most hardworking or the most charismatic individual at AMP, but I have learned a thing or two during my high-school career. I just want to say that these opinions are based on my high school experiences only, so if you feel differently, it is probably because your high school experience was better than mine. Another thing to keep in mind, some of these may seem logical to most people, but I had to learn these things along the way, so bear with me. First off, I want to say that you should never get too carried away with anything. Never get over-excited about something because life doesn’t go the way it is supposed to. It is impossible to plan out everything and nothing ever goes according to plan. There are two main ways to go about life: Either you believe in destiny and no matter what, your life will end up the way it is supposed to or you don’t believe in destiny and you live life by the moment, in which case nothing you do spontaneously matters, because your whole life is spontaneous. I try to plan out every little detail of my life and something ALWAYS gets screwed up. I will admit that it is important to stay positive about certain aspects in life, but always try to keep things realistic. It is important to know your limits and assure that your dreams don’t interfere with your reality. Secondly, I want to talk to you guys about high school in general. I’ve......

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