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What Is My Experience with Writing so Far?

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What is my experience with writing so far?

What is my experience with writing so far, well it starts with my songs, poems and short story all published in one form or another. I am in middle of writing one book and two screenplays; one screenplay is a miniseries and the other one is for a remake of a series, both are from the 90’s. I read a lot and watch TV and movies; I am a love fiction of all kinds. If I write without anything in the background I tend to be slower, so I write with the TV on so I have a noise in the background. Or I will listen to Pandora internet radio while writing.
What do I think my greatest challenge is with the writing process; well I have to figure out just how to put the words on the paper. Now I have a program called dragon speak 12, which I use to get what I want down, because of my eye/hand disability. I have always had a problem writing notes and papers for my classes during school.
How do I feel when I write, well I feel like I am doing something to better mine and my family’s life in the future. I cannot say that I feel nervous or confident, but I can say that I feel good when I write. It is like a part of my mind is taking over for the part that doesn’t like to work all the time. It is funny really, to sit down and start typing on one of my things and end up working on all three of them in about six hours.
What tools will I need to grow as a writer, well I can see that my dragon speak 12 will be of great help, but I will utilize the resources that the school has more to help me grow also. I will be using the P.O.W.E.R steps and the bb app to help me also. I am also going to take time for breaks while I write so I don’t feel too bogged down with my writing. And raise my kids while I write, and even the baby.
These are my steps in getting my goals met with in my five…...

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