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What Role Can Alternative Healing Process Play in Mental Health.

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INTRODUCTION: Since time in memorial it’s been a part of the Ghanaian culture to seek spiritual help for problems pertaining to health be it mental or physical. This can be attributed to the strong belief and reverence we have for deities and the Supreme Being. Before Colonization we had our own belief systems and methods and modes of worship. These for one reason or the other seemed to work; and from my observation I could say this could be based on psychological adaptations. There are different religions; Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, traditional and the like. These two religions also have their strict spiritual principles and modes and methods with Odusifuo, Prophets and the likes which also subjectively speaking seem to work and as such have been accepted by different people from different backgrounds in the country. More often than not, though, reliance on these unorthodox methods, all of the above mentioned causes problems and only escalates the problems the clients or patient or in this case victim faces. TIME FACTOR: It is quit mind boggling to see the shock some victims go through and the extent to which they are marred and yet still people patronize these services from the known fetish priests and so on as mentioned above. But upon some survey it will be noticed that these administers of unorthodox methods for instance have more time for their patients or clients. Due to the fact that their reputation stands the risk of being lost as they may be known to the locals far and near and also for the fact that their customers want value for their money as they are charged, they go through excruciatingly long hours with their patients in order to ensure they are healed. PSYCHOLOGICAL IMPACT: Also another point to be noted is the psychological impact had on the patients. The whole scenario of attention and “weird” methods along with…...

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