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What They Really Think About Race

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English 2263: Intro to Film
11 October 2013
What They Really Think About Race In Spike Lee’s film, Do the Right Thing racist stereotypes are a recurring theme throughout the entire film. The slurs are used explicitly in one of the most interesting scenes of the entire film. The three minute and thirty-four second scene shows six different characters breaking the fourth-wall between the audience and each character. The camera angles in the scene also show that the characters know that they are addressing an audience for the purpose of expressing their views on the race they are criticizing. Looking directly into the camera is usually a sin for actors to do. However, each character looks directly into the camera, acknowledging that they know it is there, and citing their rant without looking away. The affect this has makes it seem as though that character is speaking to a person directly. While this scene stands out the most for its obvious use of racist stereotypes, it is only a platform for the entire films views on racism.
The scene starts with an intense conversation between Mookie and Pino. The topic of their discussion is race. Mookie questions Pino on why he constantly refers to African American people as ‘niggas’. Pino acts like he despises black people, however Mookie brings up a great point about all of his favorite celebrities, are niggas. Magic Johnson, Eddie Murphy, and Prince are all BLACK celebrities, that Pino is a fan of. His response to Mookie’s question was, “they’re not niggas, I mean they’re not black. Let me explain myself, they’re black but they’re not really black… They’re more than that” (Lee). In actuality there is no difference between the individuals Pino named and the people from the neighborhood. They are all black, however their financial status differed. Earlier in the film, Sal tells…...

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