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What Value Do You See in Managing Your Physical and Mental Health and Stress Levels?

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What value do you see in managing your physical and mental health and stress levels? How might these skills relate to academic and personal success? Please elaborate on your response.

When something is going on in my life- a paper due for school, an important meeting is coming up at work, I get nervous, I get anxious, and in plain terms, I freak out. I have always been a super high-stressed, high-anxiety person. There was one time, my freshman year of college, I was so nervous for a math exam I broke out in hives! One of the main things that I have learned over the years- from my amazing parents- is that all I have to do is step back from the situation, take a deep breath, and calm down. There is nothing more important than your physical and mental health. Is something is off with someone physically or mentally, there is no way to get anything done. It is of utmost importance to keep your body and mind healthy. For me, before I have a big meeting at work, I take off a bit early and do something for myself- whether its going to the spa and getting a massage or going to get my hair or nails done, I do something that gets my mind off of what I’m worrying about. This keeps my mental health in check, which ultimately keeps my physical being healthier. The way I have learned to keep myself calm and cope with my nervousness throughout the past 2 years has help me further my business by helping me believe in myself- when I’m not nervous and anxious I know that I have the clarity to get done what I need to get done, do it to the best of my ability, and succeed in whatever I put my mind to. I hope to bring the same mechanisms that I use to calm myself in my work environment when I start back at school. I don’t want to be the girl who breaks out in hives because a math test is coming up- I want to be the mature woman that I have grown into since I started my business, and I…...

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