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Where will you live? Most everyone will ask that question at some-point in his or her life. Will it be the urban life of the big city, filled with its tall buildings, loud neighborhoods, busy streets, and never-ending projects? It might be that that is more than one might want if that is the case, there is the serenity of the suburbs, which offer spacious housing, peaceful surroundings, fresh air, and plenty of nature. Both urban and suburban areas offer people different choices in lifestyles, from the houses and communities they live in, to the noise and activities around them. The cost and size of housing differ greatly from the inner city's high-rise apartments or houses, to those of a spacious urban setting. On average, the cost of the dwelling of comparable size will cost more in the city than that of the suburbs. For example, to buy a 3-bedroom home that is around 1300sf in the city may cost about $148,000, while renting would be around $1,600 a month. To buy or rent a house of similar size in the suburbs will be around $100,000 to buy, and $1,000 to rent per month. 'Estimates were biased on one city and its suburbs, in one state, and will vary from state to state, and city to city. One should be aware of any additional cost that may be needed when making their decision, such as, property taxes, gas or transportation expenses, and any other bills. Size is another factor one should think about; seldom would you find a place in the city that can handle a family with four or more kids. Space is limited, and lots are considerably smaller than those found in the suburbs, and those that are will more than likely have older homes on them. Suburbs offer greater space in which to build, and bigger houses in which to raise a family. Houses in the suburbs also usually have yards that families can play in or one could plant a garden or even have a pool. Neighborhoods…...

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