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Which Budget Car to Buy in Indian Market? Analysis Based on Mcd

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As the Indian car market is one of the fastest growing car markets in the world, there is a race to carve out a sizeable chunk among the car manufacturers. With market over flooded by various car models than ever before, customers’ face a hard time in making their right choices. While consumers have many options available, an attempt to purchase a car without researching extensively can become a costly mistake. This report deals with one of the complex decisions on owing a right vehicle. The main aim is to decide the best suitable car for our family, which meets the intended expectations. Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP), which is based on pair-wise comparison of each alternative, is used to structure the approach towards the decision. At the end of the calculation we check the consistency of results using the Consistency Ration (CR). The decision parameters and ratings awarded for analysis are purely based on my perspective and has nothing to do with the brand or car company.

Purchasing a new car is an expensive purchase, second only to a new home for many Indian consumers. That is why it is also critical for us to research before choosing a car that optimises financial and operation goals. This report distils the various available alternatives in the Indian car market to come up with the optimal car, which suits both the personal and business need of our family. Conventional wisdom says that the diesel vehicles are more fuelefficient than the petrol, in spite of higher initial cost. Further, calculation in this report justifies it. A set of criteria derived from the vehicle features is defined which plays a major role in decision-making. Built on these criteria viz., cost, safety, boot capacity and aesthetics the whole problem is split into sub models using hierarchy based structure. Later, all members of the family are consulted for their…...

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