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Why Are Children Losing Gratitiude

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In this paper, we will discuss on the issue on why are children in Singapore nowadays, lacking in gratitude and how overseas volunteerism will not work.

In the photo, it shows of an angel standing close the side of the house, which represents the parents. The angel gets her reliance from the house. It shows that children rely on their parents a lot. This lead to the first reason is because children are getting complacent for everything they have. Things are given to them easily because their parents pampered them. Parents protect the children as they were seen as angels in the parent’s eyes and do not want anything to happen to them. It is expensive in Singapore to have a child; parents will view their children as valuable assets because of the amount of money they have used up to take care of them. Hence they will take extra care for their children. In the past, a family can have about five to seven children. As the parents can only give a little to every child, the children will learn to be gratitude towards the little that is given to them.

To resolve this issue, it is impossible to reduce to cost of having a children. However we can look to widen the children’s interaction since young. Even at the age of one, children will have to attend children care where they get a chance to interact with other toddlers to learn to be gratitude when they share things with each other. Caretakers will ensure that they are not overly protected but giving sufficient to them. This is to help stimulate the sharing of attention of parents from the past and children will learn to be gratitude with the little things that are given to them.

In the photo we can also see that the houses are placed separately and standing individually. These houses represent the children that they have characteristics of individualism. Children are selfish…...

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