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Why Can’t Malaysia Be a Major Consumer of Biofuel?

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While demand in the growing biofuels industry, Malaysia can’t be a major consumer of biofuels as there are some issues in the social impact,ecosystem services, technical consideration for the use of biofuel-based and Malaysia Government Policy sector II Body A One of the reasons Malaysia can’t be a major consumer is the issue in social impact. 1 Competition between food and fuel a Some commodities like maize,sugar cane and vegetable oil can be used either as food or biofuels sources.(Wikipedia,2012) b Human food chain can be affected due to this competition.(Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule,2008) 2 Food price increase a Food prices will increase due to higher demand for biofuels usage.(Doornbosh and Steenblik, 2007) b Higher cost of raws material compared to fossil fuels (Steven and Lee, 2010, p.948) 3 Lack of public awareness about the use of biofuels a Most Malaysian do not realize that Malaysia will run out of oil in 19 years if alternative energy sources such as biofuels are not used. (Prime Minister’s Department,2005,p.22) b Dissemination of information about the benefits of using biofuels is less widespread in the media causing fewer people to take note of the biofuel industry. (Bentley Motors,2008,p.3)

B Another reasons is the issue in ecosystem services. 1 Soil erosion and deforestation a Trees are cut down and forests are cleared for plantation of commodities which are biofuel sources.(Wikipedia,2012) b Demand of biofuel lead to the clearing of palm oil plantation. (National University of Singapore,2009)

2 Bad effect on water resource a Fertilizers and pesticides used for biofuel agriculture may run off the groundwater resources.(Nick,2008) b A lot of water to be use for biofuel crops irrigation and become the main factor behind the increasing scarcity of fresh water for domestic usage.(Delft University of Technology,2008) C One reasons for this problem is the technical consideration for use of biofuel-based. 1 Require retrofitting of existing engines and fuel delivery system a Switching of petroleum-based engines to biomass-based fuels.( Scott and Fatimah, 2007,p.68) b Different end-user types within the road transporter sector(Scott and Fatimah, 2007, p.70) 2 Cost of modification on vehicles a Modification costs depends on each type of vehicle to run on different types of biofuel (Scott and Fatimah, 2007, p.71) b Only limited saving in energy produced (Wikipedia, 2012) D Another reason for this problem is Malaysia Government Policy sector. 1 Role of government determining the success in biofuel industry a Strong government support and policy enforcement will play a vital role in this industry (Steven and Lee, 2010, p.949) b Inefficiency of policy enforcement and sluggish response from government to address the changing marker scenario (Steven and Lee, 2010, p.950) 2 Political and geographical issues a Most of the private sector are unwilling to commit itself in this industry unless these barriers has been removed (Steven and Lee, 2010, p.949) b Cooperation from private sector in financial profitability and supply infrastructureis needed (Steven and Lee, 2010, p.949)

III Conclusion
There are various issues in sosial impact,ecosystem services,technical aspect and Malaysia Government Policy sector which cause Malaysia unable to be the biggest consumer in Malaysia.…...

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