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Why Do Girls Achieve Better Achieve Better Gcse's Than Boys

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Why do girls achieve better GCSEs than Boys?
The traditional role of the supposed ‘housewife’, Cook, clean, look after the children, the husband goes to work and gets all the money. Girls began to see that there was more to just being a housewife. Many women were beginning to work. This left such an impact that many girls began to see that there was an ambition, an ambition to be an ‘independent women’. A women who achieved things on her won starting with her education. Artist like destiny’s child (independent women) and Ne-yo (Miss independent) have written songs praising women who are dependent on themselves as young girls listen to their ‘idols’ they see this as an ambition in life.

Research has shown that girls achieve better GCSE results than boy because they ‘behave’ better than boys do during classes. A study of performance in school showed that marks are not determined just by academic ability but also attentiveness and how organised you are. Girls have shown to have more of these traits than boys; this therefore gives them an advantage over the boys, which research has shown. Research form universities blame the fact that teacher also look at how well the child is engaged and how often the child loses control. These factors are said to benefit girls making their marks compared to boys, rise.

"GCSEs require a degree of solo work and are not viewed as 'cool' in a laddish culture." Some believe that because boys supposedly do not deem a lot of revision and staying in to complete homework is a contribution why girls achieve better GCSE results than boys. Some argue that because this attitude that some boys have teachers cannot be bothered with them and simply concentrate on the girls that do want to learn.

Sexism has died out in schools. Teachers began to recognise that girls could do just as well in education if they were just given the chance, and…...

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