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Why Leader Can.T Lead: the Unconscious Conspiracy Contiuea

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“Public education is a public good. Public education should never be undermined by private control, deregulation and profiteering” (Education Opportunity network, 2013, p. 1). This statement is one of the seven principles adopted by a group of educators and politicians from various states as their ‘New Education Declaration” (p.1). These leaders were in attendance at a recent conference to addresses failing schools in the 21st century. Another principle they adapted indirectly speaks to the validly of school boards, “national responsibility should complement local control Education is largely the domain of states and school districts” (p. 2.) One of these group main concerns in addressing efforts to restore education back to its true meaning in the U.S. is federal and state governmental control. Since the 20th century drew to a close education has been under attack by federal and state government; which has been postulated to start with the government Nation at Risk doctrine. Although U.S. educational system never received any notable reform under this doctrine only more government control in the years to come.

Increased governmental control over America educational system has crippled the power of local school board and superintendents along with dismissing teachers as professional individuals. School boards have a history of more than 200 years of governing local school districts as a separate independent entity (Land, D., 2002, p. 229). The purpose of the school board has not change over the years. Although the primary goal of this governing bod, through the years, has shifted for different reasons usually tied to some form of politics (p. 230). For example, not long after the first school came into existence, urban elected board members were thought to be elect because they lived in urban districts (p. 230). These types of elections did not sit well with…...

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