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Why Resellers Don't Sell

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Why Resellers Don’t Sell

MARCH, 2006

Why Resellers Don’t Sell

Properly structured and supported, indirect channel are often the fastest, most cost-effective way for a company to scale its business overseas. But, the fact is – most resellers don’t sell. And the reason they don’t sell has much more to do with you than your technology, the marketplace or the reseller’s business. The prospects of partnering with international resellers and gaining access to new markets is an exciting one for any company. It can be quite gratifying to have someone from another country share your vision and be willing to make the commitments and investments needed to help expand your business in areas where you don’t have the time and/or resources to establish a direct presence. The motivations behind a reseller’s interest in your technology will vary. But, regardless of their motivation, once you have the contracts signed, they are supposed to get to work marketing and selling your technology and you can wait for the international orders to come in. And you wait … three months, six months, twelve months. Nothing. So what happened? Why didn’t all of those partners go out there and sell?

Signing contracts with resellers is easy – getting them to actually sell and support your product is more of a challenge.

There are many dynamics at play in building a successful channel – the needs of the channel partner, the needs of the end user, and last, and perhaps least, the needs of the vendor. All of these have to be balanced properly in order for a channel program to succeed. The purpose of this white paper is to explain some of the fundamental reasons why channels don’t work. Armed with that understanding you will be in a much better position to build a channel program that does work.

Why Resellers Don’t Sell

Resellers Carry More Products than They Sell…...

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